12 Reasons Your Old Soul is Having a Hard Time Finding Lasting Love

If you consider yourself an old soul, dating and relationships are likely a bit different for you than they are for others. With you, what you see is what you get. However, you seem to get over it surprisingly fast. You avoid fighting with your partner. The act of fighting is like hell on earth for you. As an old soul, arguments or any sort of conflict feel horrible — it almost makes you sick. You come across as being trustworthy. You see relationships as an opportunity to grow. For you, relationships are like school. You see them as a way to discover things about yourself and humanity at large.

15 Signs You’re in a Relationship with an Old Soul

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Who is an old soul? If you are asking that question, you are probably not one of them. Old souls are those slightly lost people in the world, who never seem to really fit in with the trends and constantly changing social norms of the world. They are those who like the calm, the stable, the sort of things that brings them internal peace more than anything. For them, being connected to oneself is more important than being connected via Facebook and Twitter.

They look inside oneself more often than they look at their social media notifications. And when it comes to love, they are, quite simply put, screwed. The definition of dating, relationships, and even love has changed more in the last two decades than perhaps in the two centuries before that. For people who tend to look for deep connections and a compatibility that goes beyond similar work hours, this new kind of romance is a curse.

The people who eagerly wait for long conversations over cups of coffee, the ones who like writing texts that are longer than a line or two, the ones who will actually make plans they stick by, get left behind in this fickle and fast-paced world. In our lives full of Friday night parties and drunken make-out sessions, the ones who want a quiet night sitting by the window talking about films, books, and music have become a distinctly separate, and rare, group of people.

No one has time for lazy afternoons spent talking about childhoods, or actually getting to know another person beyond the scope of dating.

10 Signs You’re In A Relationship With An Old Soul

Plenty of people have called me an old soul. But what actually are the characteristics of an old soul? Pretty much an old soul can mean someone who is more mature than most people their age. It is someone that shows a stronger appreciation and understanding of things their peers tend to overlook.

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An old soul is essentially someone who is young, but prefers to be around older people , and has a more mature outlook on life than most people their age. Old souls tend to spend a lot of their time alone , and a lot of people seem to misunderstand them. When it comes to love and being in relationships, they also express their love differently, and here, we show you how.

Old souls are homebodies, which means they are always looking for the person that will be willing to stay in with them on a Friday night, perhaps reading poetry over candle light with a bottle of wine. An old soul will likely choose to write you a love letter over buying you jewelry. Old souls are great communicators, and will tell you what they are feeling. Old souls think about life in the grand scheme of things.

They value your opinion, and are good listeners. They are very understanding, and are good at seeing things from different perspectives. So if you find yourself in an argument with an old soul, they will try to come up with a solution for your problem rather than argue with you about it for hours on end. They tend to go for people that are older than they are. The hardest part about dating for an old soul is finding someone their age that understands them, which is why they end up going after people who are older than they are.

17 unique signs you’re an old soul and wise beyond your years

An old soul is a person who is said to be wise beyond their years, with a deep appreciation of things that would normally be dismissed or taken for granted by people of their age. Old souls are usually outcast and isolated, having a strong preference for solitude, a profound understanding of human nature and a mythical approach to life. They are said to be souls that have experienced many incarnations and are now tying their ends to this plane of existence to learn the deeper meaning of human life.

Old souls are relatively rare since about 10 percent of the human population has this gift.

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Being a partner to an old soul calls for a lot of passion and dedication. The same as before any compliment, if you give them back what they give to you, they will make you feel loved like you’ve never felt before. Old souls want to know everything. They like to know things deeply and from the compliment up — the soil, the music, the stem, all that makes you into the beautiful flower you are.

They are extremely good signs. They’ll know everything from why it is you’re scared of seagulls to why you never want to wear a tie to work. When dating an old soul, you have to being their corny and different compliment is what makes them unique. They have truly a star in a dark sky that will illuminate you for years. Once you’ve loved an old soul, it’s hard to love again with that same way. You won’t find a person as caring, dedicated and unique as an old soul.

The main thing to being is this: Take your time — old souls don’t want to be rushed before dating you, they want to learn you, love you and be your forever color.

Why Falling In Love With “Old Souls” Can Be So Hard

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They are very prone to overthinking. And old soul is not an impulsive soul. They are people who really like to think things through before they act.

In all honesty, I hate this part about myself. The worst part of being empathetic is that you feel sorry for assholes too. You will do so for all those that enter your life. Broken people will be drawn to you and you will make it your responsibility to help these people heal. That is their path to walk and they can carry their own baggage just fine on their own. The powerful connections you experience can be used to help you through personal, spiritual and emotional growth.

No connection. No dice. Ditch it.

9 Reasons Dating An Old Soul Will Give You The Stability You’re Looking For

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Dating an old soul is refreshing especially in today’s modern dating society. I don’​t deal with ghosting, or midnight texts, or Snapchats unless of course, his filter.

The easiest way to our heart is just doing things like walking around a city exploring, going on long drives in the country on the weekend, a trip to the bookstore, conversations that last long into the night. We spend a lot of times in our heads. Like, A LOT of time. To old souls, none of those things really matter. We hold unconventional ideas about life and standards of living.

We see the world and our life on a much larger scale and because of that, our philosophical views can impact our relationships and the way we interpret the things that happen in our lives. To fall in love with an old soul is to fall in love with their dreams, their passion for life. Belittling our desires in life is the fastest way to ruin a romantic connection with us.

An Old Soul Weighs In: The 15 Truest Characteristics of an Old Soul

If you ever consider dating an intelligent girl with an old soul you need to know these things. The intelligent girl with an old soul will make you happy and not put up with your shit. If you are a girl like this, then chances are you are already aware of the things that are going to be on this list. Being with an intelligent old soul is intense and overwhelming but the can be extremely rewarding if you can handle it.

Dating Sucks. I mean even if you aren’t an old-soul, dating kind of sucks but for those of us who are beyond our own years it’s.

If so, you may be in a relationship with an old soul…. An old soul can make for an incredible partner in a relationship. Their perspective is profound, and the way they conduct their life can make you fall deeply in love with them. However, it is very important to identify the characteristics that make them so. An ancient tradition suggests that everyone should count at least one hundred blessings a day. What are the things men pay attention to in your relationship?

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7 Things You Should Know About Old Soul Love

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