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First in situ Re-Os dating of molybdenite by LA-ICP-MS/MS

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Extending In-Situ Dating to New Geochronometers: Pb-Pb, Sm-Nd, Re-Os, and LuHf. Metadata Updated: July 17, Goals This proposed work will extend.

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Rhenium—osmium dating is a form of radiometric dating based on the beta decay of the isotope Re to Os. This normally occurs with a half-life of Rhenium—osmium dating is carried out by the isochron dating method. Isochrons are created by analysing several samples believed to have formed at the same time from a common source. The Re-Os isochron plots the ratio of radiogenic Os to non-radiogenic Os against the ratio of the parent isotope Re to the non-radiogenic isotope Os.

The stable and relatively abundant osmium isotope Os is used to normalize the radiogenic isotope in the isochron.

The pilot study with Re–Os dating of sulfides from Sukhoi Log and Olympiada gold deposits revealed early Paleozoic ages of the auriferous sulfides from the two.

Old Style O. There were two calendar changes in Great Britain and its colonies, which may sometimes complicate matters: the first was to change the start of the year from Lady Day 25 March to 1 January; the second was to discard the Julian calendar in favour of the Gregorian calendar. Beginning in , the Gregorian calendar replaced the Julian in Roman Catholic countries. This change was implemented subsequently in Protestant and Orthodox countries, usually at much later dates.

In England and Wales , Ireland , and the British colonies, the change to the start of the year and the changeover from the Julian calendar occurred in under the Calendar New Style Act In Scotland , the legal start of the year had already been moved to 1 January in , but Scotland otherwise continued to use the Julian calendar until Thus “New Style” can either refer to the start of year adjustment , or to the adoption of the Gregorian calendar.

In Russia , new style dates came into use in early Other countries in Eastern Orthodoxy adopted new style dating for their civil calendars but most continue to use the Julian calendar for religious use. When recording British history it is usual to use the dates recorded at the time of the event, [a] with the year adjusted to start on 1 January; but the start of the Julian year was not always 1 January and was altered at different times in different countries.

See New Year’s Day in the Julian calendar. From to , the civil or legal year in England began on 25 March Lady Day [5] [6] ; so for example, the execution of Charles I was recorded at the time in Parliament as happening on 30 January 8 Old Style. The O.

Old Style (O.S.)

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Furthermore, we performed Re–Os dating on samples from massive sulfide ores and attempted to trace the source of the ore-forming magma.

My downloads. Find publications, data and maps managed by the Yukon Geological Survey. Re-Os dating of gold in gold-bearing orogenic vein systems in the Klondike district — progress report. General Information Related Publications. General Information Abstract: This is a preliminary study to determine the feasibility of using Re-Os to determine the age of gold in orogenic vein gold of the Klondike district, Yukon. Our objectives were to measure gold from several different vein systems to determine if enough Re and Os exists in native gold samples from the Klondike district to properly date the system.

Six samples from different veins contain measurable concentrations of Re and Os and plot with significant variation on a Re-Os isochron diagram. The results indicate the need for detailed sampling of one vein system to better constrain age and source information from Re-Os systematics. Analysis of both native gold and synchronous pyrite from veins may provide enough data to determine age contraints, if native gold is not available. Citation: Mathur, R. In: Yukon Exploration and Geology , K.

Re-os dating

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Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. By: A. Two Re-Os dating reference material molybdenites were prepared. The samples proved to be homogeneous, based on the coefficient of variation of analytical results and an analysis of variance test. The sampling weight was 0. An isotope dilution method was used for the determination of Re and Os.

Sample decomposition and preconcentration of Re and Os prior to measurement were accomplished using a variety of methods: acid digestion, alkali fusion, ion exchange and solvent extraction. Negative thermal ionisation mass spectrometry and inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry were used for the determination of Re and Os concentration and isotope ratios. The certified values include the contents of Re and Os and the model ages.

For HLP, the Re content was

Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

Rhenium—osmium dating , method of determining the age of the important ore mineral molybdenite; the method is based upon the radioactive decay of rhenium to osmium The rhenium—osmium ratio in most minerals is too low to be of general use as a dating technique, but molybdenite molybdenum disulfide, MoS 2 has a very high ratio of rhenium to osmium; and workers have found that the osmium in molybdenite is practically pure radiogenic osmium Ores as old as 3,,, years and as young as 38,, years have been dated this way.

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Two Re-Os dating reference material molybdenites were prepared. Molybdenite JDC and molybdenite HLP are from a carbonate vein-type molybdenum-(lead)-.

The Yamansu iron deposit, hosted in submarine volcanic rocks, is located in the Aqishan-Yamansu Fe-Cu metallogenic belt of eastern Tianshan, Xinjiang. New pyrite Re-Os, and pyroxene diorite intrusion ages and the chemistry of magnetite constrain the origin of the deposit. The Yamansu orebodies display banded or lenticular forms and sharp contacts with marble and garnet skarn. Pyrite associated with magnetite from hydrothermal massive ores has a Re-Os isochron age of However, the pyroxene diorite age Magnetite samples from different ores in the Yamansu deposit are suggested to have a magmatic-hydrothermal origin.

Moreover, magmatic and hydrothermal magnetite samples show different characteristic normalized rare earth element REE and trace element patterns. A combination of ore fabrics, discrimination diagrams, and normalized patterns for magnetite samples can reflect the magmatic-hydrothermal process. The Yamansu iron deposit is spatially and temporally associated with Carboniferous volcanism, and we propose that the magmatic magnetite ores were derived from iron-rich melt through melt immiscibility.

The residual iron-rich magma ascended and erupted along with hydrothermal activity; then moderate to large amounts of hydrothermal massive, banded or disseminated magnetite formed with skarns. Advanced Search. All Journals Journal.

Dissecting the Re-Os molybdenite geochronometer

Over the years, Chemostrat has expanded the services on offer to now include more advanced isotopic techniques that so far have been used only in academia. The information presented below briefly outlines how Chemostrat is utilising two of these techniques, i. Re and Os become concentrated in the organic, hydrogenous fraction of organic rich shales, thus the time when the shale was deposited can be dated. Furthermore, as Re and Os have been inherited from the source rocks, Os isotopes can be employed to correlate an oil with its source.

Despite this application mainly being associated with the economic extraction of minerals, it can be employed by the oil and gas industry to date the formation of disseminated sulphide minerals within basement rocks and so the basement itself. Moreover, when these minerals are found in fractures it can be used to provide a minimum date for when the fracture network was open.

Old Style (O.S.) and New Style (N.S.) are terms sometimes used with dates to indicate that the calendar convention used at the time described is different from​.

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